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Inaugurated a year and a half later, and today one of the spaces that is also constantly changing, the bar terrace is a favorite of those who visit us. In it they are embodied with the same aesthetic (although in a more jungle style) other objects and works of the style.


We can find zodiac statues of the Chinese culture, positioned in niches on both sides of the bar, which certainly offers the same menu and diversity in cocktails and attention.

The oriental elements predominate in this sector, highlighting the curtains threaded with objects that refer to the Chinese horoscope, symbolism and the same Kama Sutra portrayed in small pieces.












An imposing altar to the sea created from a boat that was once a working tool for families of fishermen, becomes a library and houses for those who want diverse literature, symbols and sculptures that refer to the sea.

The carved planks of Carlos Páez Vilaró located at the bottom of the terrace bar are relics that are kept to tell scenes of the daily life of the African peoples, which he could well observe in his long stay on the continent.

The atmosphere, aesthetics and comfort in the sectors proposed by the terrace make this a place of primary choice for the warm months, although it is still crowded in winter thanks to being well heated.

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