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In the main hall, the great mural that saw the bottom of the hall and the bar stands out, stained mural in bronze and copper, made by Sebastian, which is normally identified with both African and ancestral cultures and symbologies. The bar itself is made with old recycled railway sleepers and dressed in ceramics from the region of Pais de Calais, France. The same that still decorate the spaces and walls in Casapueblo.







In this space we can see various objects and antiques displayed on the walls that make cultures from different continents look like coming from one place, using what links them. From African, eastern and northern masks.















Small wooden sculptures of saints carved in Paraguay, positioned in niches embedded in the walls, libraries full of past and a whole world in details to discover. Each time the place is visited, new details can be discovered.

That setting is a masterpiece in itself, which Sebastian has achieved when choosing how to combine cultural pieces and elements of great historical value in all areas of the place.

Vista a Salón principal
Barra salón principal. Mural de metales repujados por Sebastián Páez Vilaró
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